About Glows Bows and Haloes

This site has grown out of an interest in atmospheric phenomena going back many years. As an amateur astronomer sky watching is a habit, so an interest in weather effects is hardly surprising. It isn't a serious study, for many images I haven't recorded the date they were taken for example.

There are plenty of more spectacular images around but, like any hobby, the satisfaction comes from doing or seeing things for yourself. More often than not a photograph cannot do justice to the real thing.

None of this would have been possible without the support of my wife Nicky, indeed some of the images couldn't have been obtained without her assistance. Thanks also to Les Cowley for some useful suggestions.

I hope you have enjoyed visiting the site, if you have suggestions or comments about it then please contact me.

Richard Fleet


All images on this site are copyright and may not be published elsewhere, in any form, without prior permission. Unless stated otherwise the author is Richard Fleet.

I am quite happy for these images to be used for educational purposes, provided there is no commercial element involved. If they are acknowledged, preferably with a reference to this site, then there is no need to contact me - although it would be nice to know if they are useful.

Feel free of course to link to the site.

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