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Reflected Rainbow

Earth Shadow Setting from the Air

Highveld Lightning

Lunar Circumzenithal Arc

Colour Shift Near Sunset - Timelapse

New Pages 2012

Lunar Halo and Jupiter - Timelapse

Rapidly Changing Crepuscular Rays

Geminid Meteors

Leonid Meteors

Intense Sundogs

High Sundog plus Halo

Supernumeraries at Base of Rainbow

Intense Rainbow Stub

Supernumeraries at Top of Rainbow

Circumzenithal Arc and Microlight

Parry Arc

Narrow Shadows at Sunset

High Sundog and Parhelic Circle Fragment

Circumzenithal Arc and Sundogs

22 Degree Halo and a Convenient Cloud

Colourful Sunrise

Perseid Meteors

Contrail Shadow, Corona and Tangent Arc

Various Sundogs

Shadows Radiating from a Cloud

22 Degree Halo and a Helpful Cat

Sunshine and a Short Sharp Shower

Shaggy Sundog

Lyrid Meteors

Scattering and Sun Altitude

Low Sun Short Cloud Shadows

Murky Lunar Halo - Timelapse

Transient Lunar Halo

Aureole - Venus, Jupiter and ISS

Bright Paraselene

Quadrantid Meteors

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