Various Haloes

It is quite rare to get a large enough area of sky filled with the right kind of crystals to get a full halo display. It is much more common to get parts of different halo effects over a period of several hours.

This display started with a brief glimpse of circumzenithal arc through lower clouds.

Twenty minutes later milky cirrus lower down down in the sky gave this sundog with a white tail going off to the right.

Half an hour later the appearance of the cirrus had changed again, giving this upper tangent arc and pair of sundogs.

Although the cirrus was streaky more of the 22 degree halo was visible.

Three hours later with a fairly high first quarter moon a full 22 degree halo was visible. Had it been a full moon the halo would have been much more obvious.

Canon EOS 20D   2nd May 2009
Wiltshire, England

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