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  Maintained by
   Richard Fleet
GraphDark 2.05 - current release

Requires 5Mb disk space and Windows 95 or later.

What's new in version 2 ?

For full installation instructions and version history click here

Installation steps.
Use the link below to download the self extracting zip file graphdis2.exe .
Double click graphdis2.exe to extract setup files to a work folder .
Run the program setup.exe from the work folder to install the application.

Download Version 2.05 (2500 Kb)

Notes for Vista and Windows 7 users

In order to use the old style help file you will need the following patch from Microsoft

Depending on your account settings you might get access denied warnings. To resolve this set the permissions on the data files, or run the program as administrator.

Note for Windows 10 users

The help file patch isn't available for Windows 10. An unlinked version of the file is available here

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If you have comments on the software or problems with the download
please contact the author  Richard Fleet

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