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  Maintained by
   Richard Fleet
2.05         13/05/2007
Minor changes to star and planet presentation on sky display.
Option to maximise display on startup.
Various data import bugfixes.

2.04         11/01/2004
Stars and constellation names added to sky views.
Milky Way and Zodiacal light added to zenith view.
Zoom and simple navigation added to zenith view.
New object type for Meteor streams.

2.03         14/05/2003
New main World map option showing night and day.
World map view as an alternative to horizon view.

2.02         27/01/2003
Equator, ecliptic and other markers on horizon display.
Horizon display resizeable and direction can be changed.
New Zenith centred display as alternative to horizon.

2.0         29/09/2002
Revised form layout with graphs displayed on main form.
Preferences collected together on a single form.
Timetables are now resizeable.
Object selection by means of an input bar.
Drop down calendar for date selection.
Day and night modes now available.
Objects can be shown by day or by night or both.
Colour coded altitude masks for most object types.
New export option.
Automatic display of preferred object on startup.
Page orientation set independently of printer settings.
Single planet display.
Separate Sun and Moon display.
Transit times added.
Lunar phase orientation can be changed.
Multiple objects on horizon display when Lists are used.
Revised coordinate display.
Background colours for graph.
Choice of grid line styles 7 or 10 day grid spacing.
Selection of regular marked days, eg weekends.
Tooltips on main controls.
Only one icon appears in the task bar.
Half hour time zones now accepted.
Number entry corrected for European users.

Plus numerous minor fixes and improvements.

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