Various Sun Pillars

This wasn't a particularly strong pillar but it remained clearly visible for 10 minutes, even after the sun had set behind the hill.

This pillar could easily have been mistaken for sun shining between a cloud gap, however it didn't move with the cloud and was formed in the thin veil of cirrus.

A sun pillar can sometimes be hard to distinguish from patches of cirrus, watching for several minutes may be necessary to make sure it doesn't move with the clouds. In this case part of the setting sun can just be seen below the bank of lower cloud

With the relatively smooth cirrus this sunset looked quite promising. However there was only a subtle pillar which was most obvious when the sun was three degrees below the horizon.

This distinct pillar lasted a good 15 minutes. It must have been caused by high altitude ice crystals because scattered lower level cloud did obscure it at the end. Apart from providing a safe place to stop this side road had a very convenient sign to use as a sun shield.

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