Noctilucent Cloud - 16th June 2009

The first display of the season was very extensive and quite obvious but it didn't show a great deal of detail.

Sun 9.7 degrees below the horizon

Capella is the star to the upper right. There is some faint structure in the upper cloud but much of the lower region is obscured by cirrus.

Some of the higher detail is going into shadow but the lower regions are still quite distinct.

Sun 11.0 degrees below the horizon.

Above: The lower level cirrus starts to dominate as the display fades, the sun is 11.7 degrees down

Capella shines through near centre. Only the bluish colour on the image distinguishes the noctilucent clod from the cirrus and contrails. The sun was 12.0 degrees below the horizon by this stage.

Canon EOS 20D   16th June 2009
Wiltshire, England

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