Noctilucent Clouds - 14th July 2006

This series of constant exposures shows how the sky darkens and the noctilucent cloud disappears as the shadow moves north. The exposures were all 2 seconds, with the sun 10.1, 10.9 and 12.0 degrees below the horizon.

These noctilucent clouds were much higher in the sky than usual, but it was far too late for them to be normal cirrus catching the sun. 21:45 UT, sun 10.2 degrees below the horizon.

It didn't last long though and the higher, more southerly, parts of the cloud vanished as the shadow advanced.
21:53 UT, sun 10.9 degrees below the horizon.

Soon we were left with the more usual appearance of a distant band low in the north.
22:08 UT, sun 12.0 degrees below the horizon.

Canon EOS 20D   14th July 2006
Wiltshire, England

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