Noctilucent Clouds - 12th June 2007

In this broader view, spanning about 75 degrees, Capella is the star visible in the middle of the noctilucent cloud while Venus is the bright object low down on the left edge. The Sun was 11.7 degrees below the horizon.

Almost two hours after sunset Capella shines through the delicate wave structure of the noctilucent cloud.
Sun 11.2 degrees below the horizon.

A jet contrail and some cirrus catch the faint twilight and show up against the dark sky, but look rather dull compared to the much higher and more distant noctilucent cloud. Lower down the cirrus is silhouetted against the remaining twilight glow.
Sun 11.4 degrees below the horizon.

The display starts to fade with the Sun now 12.2 degrees below the horizon.

Canon EOS 20D   12th June 2007
Wiltshire, England

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