Noctilucent Clouds - 23rd June 2006

As the rapidly brightening twilight overwhelmed the noctilucent cloud a rising crescent moon rounded off a superb display. A shallow layer of mist forming in the field added the final touch.

It took a few minutes to make sure but by this time it was clear these were genuine noctilucent clouds - and time to move to a better location.

01:30 UT, sun 13.0 degrees below the horizon.

The classic rippled structure of this cloud combined with a slight blue tint was a fine sight. Capella is the bright star near the top.

01:52 UT, sun 11.7 degrees below the horizon.

The ripples aren't so well defined now and the clouds have changed shape. However being so bright they lasted longer into twilight than I expected.

02:12 UT, sun 10.4 degrees below the horizon.

Canon EOS 20D    23rd June 2006
Wiltshire, England

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